My food photography is rooted in a deep understanding and genuine appreciation of the subject. I believe that food should, first and foremost, look truly appetising and appealing – the viewer should want to eat it right away! The key to great food photography is in the lighting and presentation - and this is where experience comes in. It doesn't really require zillions of megapixels or the latest camera technology (although I generally prefer to shoot medium format with Hasselblad). The shots on this page were taken both in my studio and on location. Some were shot with flash (I have full blackout facility) and others using natural daylight. I have a useful kitchen next to my studio and plenty of space for a food stylist to work. I also have many food and drink props at hand as well as being close to major supermarkets and wonderful farm shops for fresh produce. My location in the Hertfordshire countryside is perfect for outdoor food/lifestyle shoots since I'm surrounded by grassy meadows for picnics and close to a very picturesque chalk stream and watermeadows. LET’S MEET FOR AN INTRODUCTORY CHAT… There’s no obligation – and no cost involved whatsoever. I can show you my work in properly printed detail and discuss any upcoming projects you have in mind and then provide an estimate of costs and a timeframe. After that, it’s entirely up to you – there’ll be no pressure selling and no hard feelings if you decide not to proceed. Or, you may just want to look through my work for future reference and that’s perfectly OK with me. Just call or text me on 07980 580 236 or email – I’ll be delighted to hear from you. Roland Harris: Food Photographer: Hertford, Cambridge, London.